This magical labyrinth is known throughout the lands surrounding it. It is said to guard some treasure of unimaginable value, created long ago by a wizard, or perhaps a god. It is a sort of living magical labyrinth; As creatures die inside, it absorbs the energy released upon death. As it stores energy, it creates magical traps and living spells to fill up the lower levels of the labyrinth, as well as summoning powerful beings within 100 miles. Entering the labyrinth is relatively easy. Deep inside a blackened and twisted valley hidden inside a cleft in the mountains is a set of crooked stairs leading down into the earth. Leaving the labyrinth is more complex, and it is said that only two have ever made it out alive; First, the ancient hero Jerona, who was imprisoned by her enemies inside the labyrinth, and who grew unimaginably strong while fighting the denizens therein, eventually exiting and ending said enemies in a very spectacular manner. Second, a lich king lost to legend, Zun Marzzos, was said to be able to enter and exit the labyrinth at will, and was known to use the labyrinth as a lair and base of operations. No one has heard from him in well over a hundred years now, and so although he laid waste to kingdoms with his armies of undead in the past, he's merely a scary bedtime story and caution to children now.

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