(the "Modern Age")

This was once the most beautiful woman in the tribe known as Troimn. Long ago she offended the queen of the unseelie court, and was cursed. Her curse warped and twisted her body, and she grew to gigantic proportions. Her flesh turned the dark purple of the ripest eggplant, her muscled twisted and bulged. Warts and strange growths sprouted in odd clumps on her body. Strange hair grew out of various, seemingly random places. One eye widened impossibly, doubling in size, while the other remained squinted and tight. Her teeth grew into horrible fangs and her nails grew into horrible hooked claws. Her body still changes as time goes on, so that sometimes she's experienced as a horrible catlike beast, sometimes with six or eight legs. She's also been seen as an aquatic monstrosity with fins. She can pass on her curse with her horrifying gaze.

AC 14 (depending on form)

HP 149

Spd 30'


Multiattack: Horrible claws (changes depending on form) x2, or Horrible Claws + Evil Eye

Horrible Claws: +9 to hit, reach 10', 3d8+6 slashing

Evil Eye: DC 14 Cha save or 6d8 Psychic damage, or 1/2

Curse of the Evil Eye (recharge rest): Uses the whole round on Evil Eye. On a failed save, the creature is also cursed with magical deformities. Speed halved, disadvantage on ability checks, saving throws, and str/dex attacks. If not cured in a week (save after every rest), then the character is permanently a fomorian, and becomes totally deranged.

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