These now-extinct giant apes towered well over 12 feet tall and could easily tear a man in half. They could in fact lift over twice their own weight. Some of them were brought to the material plane from the Spirit Realms by Rei'Ichi Nishiroku, otherwise known as Two-Feathers, at the height of power in the Lost City. They were mummified and imbued with earthen power by Candrol Stonewillow, and they stand at the door to the earth temple as eternal guardians. The doors can only be opened by the blood of someone pure of heart; as soon as the doors open, these giant stone statues animate and attack. Their tactics involve animating, hugging the closest member of the entering party, and then turning to stone once again, generally immobilizing the subject. Meanwhile, other forces from within the temple attack. Two such statues are known to exist.

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