This is a black market town on the western segment of the desert. It is run by a tribe of desert natives, who have been running it as an illicit trading post for generations. Anything that can be bought, can sometimes be found in the open air markets of Sanctuary. The ruler is named ___________; He has been the head of Sanctuary for nearly a decade now, ever since his father passed away.

Anyone is safe in Sanctuary (with the blessing of the ________, of course), and it is a hotspot of underworld activity. Isolated in the desert and beyond the reach of most kingdoms, goods are bought and sold sans taxes (with a *very reasonable* fee for using the space, of course...), underworld groups come together to plot or purchase supplies without attracting notice, and all other sorts of unsavory activity bubbles beneath the apparently peaceful town. The _________ is very strict about maintaining appearances; to observers, it's a thriving market town with very well mannered, orderly leadership. Anyone who steps out of line is dealt with quickly - but quietly.

Sanctuary is built upon the largest oasis in the desert, which is now entirely underground, and accessible only by secret passageways in the _________'s castle. In this way evaporation is prevented - as well as any water thieves.

Typical Sanctuary guards dress in flowing brown robes with very light brown head wrappings, which serve as a shield for the sun, a mask for the dust, and an insulating layer against the intense heat. They generally wield spears, short swords, or knives, as well as hand crossbows with small bolts formed from a particular kind of cactus, the Kufujuju, which is extremely hard when dried.

Typical fare includes prickly pears, fried scorpion or giant ant, lizard and snake, roasted gourds and Hotef seeds, and several kinds of fried or roasted cactus.

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