This beaten copper bowl is roughly 2' in diameter, with a rounded bottom. The lip of the bowl and the bottom are both narrower, about 2/3 of the diameter, than the middle of the bowl wall. This artifact is almost always found with a red cushion covered in intricate gold embroidery, as well as a small bone striker carved with ancient symbols and covered on one end with fur. The fur is patchy and worn, the bone is brown and weathered with age, and the bowl itself appears aged and well used, with a small film of blue around the bottom and the unused portions of the top. The lip of the bowl and the widest portion of the bulge, however, are both obviously well used and shine with a dull orange glow.

This item radiates extremely strong earth and darkness magic, as well as abjuration. It is said to create hauntingly beautiful music which can captivate the listener, or even trap their soul in the artifact. There is a legend that tells of a large and climactic battle at the end of a long and arduous war, which was ended rather suddenly by the appearance of this artifact. Both armies ceased their clash as waves of sound rolled across the battlefield; soldiers stood stock still, their weapons limp, to listen to the enthralling sound. The sound grew stronger and stronger, and then finally a single peal was struck, and all those listening dropped dead on the spot, their spirits sucked into the bowl. This legend is ancient, and as there were in theory no survivors, its veracity is impossible to determine.

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