Hero Spirit: Wolverine with Feral Claws - A berserker, with the strength of many men. His village, including his wife, 2 children, and brother, were trapped by a cave-in. He grieved horribly and for many years, travelling the pathways of the underdark searching for death in combat, but nothing was mighty enough to end his miserable, raging existence. He eventually succumbed to madness, and grew to blame those he had saved for his loss. He returned to the village and turned his claws on his own people. He was defeated, but the village lost many of their finest warriors. Although he had turned on them, the villagers still admired his strength and bemoaned his loss, and their gratitude for being saved strong. They captured him and conducted to trap his spirit into the mask, so that he might serve in death as he could no longer do in life.

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