Lagomorphs are magical creatures common to the caves of the underdark. They grow when sufficient concentrations of air and water doodads congregate near many species of mushrooms. They animate and being concentrating their energies into fluid filled sacks in the middle of their stomachs. These fluid-filled sacs can, with a subtle application of blue magic, act as potions of various sorts. At prime maturity, they will contain a fully developed potion (older specimens have been known to distill even a Potion of Unbearable Knowledge!). These potions are then offered up to the planes of Air and Earth. Unfortunately, this makes Lagomorphs prime targets for underdark residents capable of using blue magic.

Lagomorphs have been separated from the central mushroom body by their transformation, and they never seem to quite reconcile this new reality. They wander around somewhat angrily searching for rotting food sources. They will run if threatened, and will sometimes burst the potion sac inside to create a large explosion.

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