The myth of Tiger Spirit:

Tiger was strong and courageous, and also proud. He was boastful but not vain.

At some time he was challenged by Lion, and Tiger acceeded to the challenge. Lion won, and took Tiger's left eye as a mark of shame. Tiger set out to get his vengeance. He sharpened his claws, and drove away his friends Ostrich and Slug, who tried to help him and counseled him to let go of his rage. Instead he befriended unsavory characters such as Hyena, Rattlesnake, and Vulture. He came again to challenge Lion, and again he lost. This time Lion didn't take his other eye; he drove Tiger to the brink of death, and then let him go.

Tiger didn't go to Vulture or Hyena, who would happily finish him off and eat him, or Rattlesnake, who would scorn him for his weakness. He goes to his old friends Slug and Ostrich, who deny him. We warned you to let go of your rage, they say, and you responded with violence and hurtful words. We are not unsympathetic to you, but we will not render aid.

They leave, and Tiger is by himself. After some time, Bird comes along, and says, you have the look of one who has lost much and now regrets it. Pray tell me, what is it that vexes you?

Tiger says, You are Bird. You know what it is that I have done.

Bird replies, I do know. I want to hear it from your own lips.

Tiger tells him the tale, and Bird counsels him, You are not wrong to seek revenge, but you ought not to have driven your friends away in such a manner. Do you regret this?

Tiger hangs his head. Yes, and not only because they did not render me aid. It is because I need them. I have always needed them.

So be it, says Bird. I will heal your wounds, and I will intervene with your friends on your behalf. This is the only time I will do this; if you drive your friends away again, you will receive no further aid from me.

Bird healed Tiger's wounds with his magic, and Tiger was no longer in danger of death, and Bird flew to talk with Slug and Ostrich. He returned to his friends, and they welcomed him with open arms. He never did abandon them again.

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