Defining Characteristics of Undead: Animated by Negative Energy

Zombie Template: ++HP, -- AC, -- Speed, Undead Fortitude, Horrible Strength (+ grapple, +damage), unable to use equips

Skeleton Template: +AC, +resist pierce/slash, -speed, able to use equips

Wight Template: ++HP, life drain, +str, +dex, +con, use equips

Ghost Template: + horrible shriek, + horrifying visage, + incorporeal, + life drain,

Ghosts are created when a newly dead spirit "rips" a chunk of their faith-based bubble universe off and uses the energy contained in it as a battery. Most ghosts subsist for some years, then run out of energy and discorporate; those are who are very angry are able to generate more hateful energy and sustain themselves by sucking the energy from those around them.

Bubble Universe = Soul

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