The Journals of Oryx Wild: Month Something Day Something

I've been travelling in extensive caves beneath the surface of the earth for some days now. It's slow going, but at least my power gives me a light, some shelter, and plenty of ways to escape danger. And what danger there is! Only last night I was ambushed by the most curious (and furious!) creatures. I was creeping along, as is my habit, when suddenly the ceiling above me collapsed! I was nearly buried. I leapt back only to find myself pinned quite tight by a pair of huge claws. I struggled and fought (as the brute took a large bite out of my shoulder, mind you!) and managed to burn him badly, whereupon he dropped me. I scampered away and looked back. Three bipedal insectoids, at least six feet high, were pursuing me. As I looked into their eyes I felt a strong sense of vertigo, and I only was able to break away at the last second. I summoned a forest in the passage, hoping to seal it off, but they simply tunneled around it through the wall! I had to dart ahead and meld with the rock in order to escape detection. As I hid in the stone, I noticed that they patrolled the area for some time, clicking and buzzing in a way that sounded very much like a language! I do believe these strange creatures are intelligent, although further study is required. I have named the Vreemde Oog, or the Strange Eye.

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